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Get Investment Advice For

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Investment Advise

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AAT providers offering a full range of investment advisory services.
These services range from building a bespoke long term strategy and asset allocation to meet your individual requirements through to the appointment and monitoring of the right investment managers to put your capital to work in the most effective way.
Our approach combines the following key attributes:
We provide clear and independent advice: We do not have any funds to sell or manage and do not receive commissions. We pride ourselves in giving clear and impartial advice to help you develop the right strategy that suits your needs.
We focus on what matters most: Your strategic asset allocation is the key driver of returns and we provide you with advice that makes a difference. Our proprietary research provides you with the insight and analysis to help you meet your objectives.
We help to add value: Our investment team is award winning and highly rated by our clients. We are very proud of our strong track record in helping our clients to exploit a wide range of investment opportunities.

Our Philosophy

“Redefine the Investment management consulting industry to focus on delivering client results with increased efficiency and reduced cost”


We bring deep, functional expertise, known for our holistic perspective.

Value Creation

We capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization.

2+2 = 5

We have proven a multiplier effect from optimizing the parts, not the individual pieces.

We Offer

Portfolio Management

To manage portfolio within company risk profile and create Alpha & Beta.

Assets Liability Matching

Cost effective ALM study to provide you Strategic Assets Allocation as per business future needs and to maximize returns.

Investment Policy

Help you making your investment policy which suits your business needs, regulatory & audit requirements and maximize returns.

Risk Management

Setting up risk appetite and monitoring of risk.

Accounting and Reporting

Full solution for accounting and regulatory reporting.

Portfolio Management Process


Our relationship begins with a thorough understanding your business needs and your investment goals for the future.


We work with you to develop a roadmap to help you to achieve the objective you are targeting.


Achieving your goals requires vigilance and flexibility. We help you monitor your performance and make adjustments.


Next, we can help you in formation & implementation of investment strategy and cash management that are suited to our business needs.

Our Proposed Investment Model

Other Investment Consulting Services

Our Investment consulting services provides complete solution to our clients’ regarding Investment related activities i.e. front, middle and back offices.. We bring deep, functional expertise: we capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization. We have proven a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.

Assets Liabilities Management

Assets Liabilities Management is the key for going concern of an organization. AAT not only provides ALM study but monitor the results regularly through its internal modules.

Investment Policy

Investment Policy (IP) is the guidelines for investments and should cover corporate governance, managements, procedures, risk profiles and Assets Allocations AAT has vast expertise in writing companies Investment Policy as per organization requirements.

Risk Management

Do you aware about your risk profile to monitor the stree on capital and business?. AAT not only provide expertise to manage risk but also formed guidelines within company profile.


Do you have expertise of Audit and regulatory reporting requirements? What about performance management reports to the Board and senior management AAT provides you platform of all sort of reporting with professional expertise.

We Help Transform Your Business


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